Chicago Restaurants Turn Old Things New Again

on July 4, 2013

The Bedford Chicago

The Chicago dining scene and Chicago restaurants are among the best in the United States. One of the ways that it separates itself is the decorative manner in which local restaurants revitalize classic looks.

Some of the best examples of this are:

Au Cheval
(800 W Randolph St., Chicago IL)

Au Cheval is a modern spin on an old diner. The menu puts a fresh take on classic foods. Examples include a fried bologna sandwich or a made-to-order custom pork porterhouse. The best part is that your dinner is made directly in front of you using an open kitchen format. For more, visit: Au Cheval Chicago.

The Pump Room at PUBLIC
(1301 North State Parkway, Chicago IL)

Situated at the old Ambassador East Hotel, the Pump Room is a throwback to old Hollywood as it was a popular choice for Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor and Judy Garland when they were in town. The restaurant was reopened when Ian Schraeger bought the Ambassador and turned it into the PUBLIC. The old menu was fused with a new one and Original Pump Room choices were revreated by Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. If you are more of a night owl, in the late hours, the restaurant’s bar turns into a supper club with a 30’s and 40’s feel. For more, visit: The Pump Room’s website.

The Bedford
(1612 West Division St., Chicago IL)

Truly defining the Supper Club experience, the Bedford opened in a reclaimed bank. Daring diners can enjoy their meals while sitting next to safety deposit boxes! For more, visit: Bedford Chicago.

The Violet Hour
(1520 N. Damen Ave., Chicago IL)

Initially inspired by English Clubs and French salons, The Violet Hour was designed with curtained partitions and high black chairs. Drinks are prepared with house made ingredients. For more, visit: The Violet Hour.

Allium At The Four Seasons
(120 East Delaware Place, 7th Floor, Chicago IL)

Allium is a name derived from Latin originals meaning “onion.” The term pays tribute to Chicago, whose name comes from the Native American Shikaakwa or “wild onion.” At the restaurant itself, head chef Kevin Hickey work with items like Lithuanian bacon, but makes it his own, adding his own take on things. One of the best dishes on the menu is a classic Chicago hotdog. For more information, visit the official Allium website.