Check Out Washington DC’s Version Of The Eiffel Tower

on July 19, 2013

Washington Monument

Washington, DC is a city full of history.  But visitors to the city can now see something new: an Eiffel Tower-like appearance of the Washington Monument.  The Monument (2 15th St NW, Washington DC) has spent months wrapped in scaffolding while undergoing major repairs to damage caused by the earthquake in August 2011.  Concerned with the lack of visual appeal, the government recently partnered with a generous philanthropist to bring a more refined appearance to the in-progress DC landmark.  The scaffolding is wrapped in sheer blue fabric and lit by 488 lamps, creating a unique and rather ethereal appearance.   The lights are expected to remain until next spring, when the Washington Monument repairs are complete.

The Monument itself is closed to visitors until the repairs are complete, but there’s always something interesting happening on the Capitol Mall.  So pack a picnic and go enjoy the view!