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on December 17, 2013

Yotel NYC entrance

There is no shortage of hotels and places to stay in New York City – but none as high-tech and sleek as this hotel. With a white, silver and futuristic purple glow, the Yotel is a truly high-tech experience.

Located in Midtown, the Yotel (570 10th Ave, New York City NY) is close to Times Square the Yotel feature sleek white and brightly illuminated interiors – something that might at times make you feel like you are staying inside a giant smartphone.

And that may be just what that hotel decor is going for: Check in is easy, quickly done on a row of self-service touch-screens at the lobby, open 24 hours (though there are also staff available if you need any assistance). The computers also dispense your key-cards.

Then you are greeted by the world’s only robotic luggage concierge – that’s right, a robot will take your luggage and deliver it to your room. Just place your luggage in the appropriate compartment, and the appropriately named “Yobot,” will take care of it.

The Yotel's luggage robot

The Yotel’s luggage robot in action

In your room, the beds are convertible – meaning they can be made to change shape in order to create more space in the room. Some include another bed for a third person, above the standard queen-size bed. And they come with a comfortable hand-made organic mattress. The washrooms have rain showers, and heated towel racks (a nice touch).

It also has free WiFi, safety boxes that can fit a laptop, and each room has a “techno-wall” which includes a TV which can stream audio.

Each floor has a ‘Galley’ with complimentary hot drinks, purified water and ice.

The common areas are also flexible and convertible – hydraulic tables in the cafe can turn into a performance stage, there are free work/print stations and larger meeting rooms which can also be rented for parties. The hotel also boasts what’s described as the city’s largest outdoor hotel terrace.

Yotel in New York City has been around since 2011. This hotel is not just flashy: Contemporary? Check. Comfortable? Check. Relatively affordable? Check. Good location? Check. What more could you ask for…? Oh, Yes. Luggage robot? Check!

  • Enjoy with: Friends, significant others, kids (some rooms also have bunk beds) – even solo!
  • Cost: Mid-range pricing, when compared to other hotels. Two $$’s out of four. 
  • Hours: Check in at 3pm, check-out at 11am, but open 24 hours.
  • Visitor tips: Make sure to make use of the free hot chocolate in the communal kitchen areas (“galleys”) in each floor!

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