Check Out Olympic Stadium In Montreal

on October 10, 2013

Olympic Stadium

If you like a little controversy, one particular attraction in Montreal can certainly offer plenty of it.

Olympic Stadium (4545 Pierre de Coubertin Ave., Montreal QC) was built for the 1976 Olympic Games and remained unfinished until the 1980s. The Park came with a hefty price tag of $1.4 billion which was primarily needed to construct the stadium’s retractable roof. Despite the investment, the roof was never fully functional and when the city lost its baseball team, and eventually its CFL team as well, the stadium now serves as a 56,040-seat multipurpose facility for special events like concerts and trade shows.

Referred to by locals as “The Big O,” a reference to both the stadium’s “Olympic” name and it’s doughnut shape, it also is a tongue-in-cheek reference to “The Big Owe” with regard to the money that was used to construct it.

The stadium’s unique design and architecture still make it a great destination to see on any weekend in Montreal.