Central Park Zoo: Where The Animals Are Real

on July 9, 2013

Snow Leopard in NYC

Animal photos are e-mailed every minute of the day. Whether it’s a tabby on a catnip rampage or one of those underwater creatures that look like holograms, we can’t enough of animals, be they fluffy, fierce or funny.

Time to put down your smartphone (who’s smart now, phone!) and see some real animals while they still exist.

This brings us to the Central Park Zoo, a small six-and-a-half acre refuge in the heart of the busiest city in the U.S. You’ve read about in J.D. Salinger’s classic novel The Catcher in the Rye, and watched it (kind of) in the 2005 animated film Madagascar; now see the zoo for reals!

Let’s start out by watching the staff feed the sea lions. They like to show off for the crowd (the sea lions, that is), so give them some love with your best seal-clap imitation.

Next, we can mosey on over to see some Arctic action. Check out the penguins and polar bears doing their thing. OK, you can use your smartphone to photograph them, but you can’t check Facebook while at the zoo. That’s the line.

But don’t fret over your phone too much, there’s plenty of high-tech at the Central Park Zoo to get your fix. In fact, they have a 4-D movie theater at this here zoo. That’s 4-D (!!!!), in case you missed it the first time. That means while watching The Polar Express it’s going to snow inside the movie theatre, and there will be actual smells in the theater  to enhance certain scenes in the film.

After the movie, let’s check out the coolest animal in the park: the mighty snow leopard. This big bad cat can leap upwards of 50 feet while chasing prey, so keep your distance.

Last but not least, the Central Park Zoo offers an exciting Tropic Zone Rainforest filled with frogs, lemurs, tortoises and an array of wonderful birds.

Depending on your group — be it family, a date or a group of seniors — the zoo’s staff has a number of different tours and educational opportunities for all types of fun. Check out all the options here.

Remember that you can save a couple of bucks if you purchase your Central Park Zoo tickets here on the park’s website.

Other local area zoos operated through the Wildlife Conservation Society include: The Bronx Zoo; New York Aquarium; Prospect Park Zoo; and the Queens Zoo.