Catch A Show At Detroit’s Majestic Theater

on May 22, 2013

Majestic Theater

Whether you’re just looking for something to do on the weekend or dying to catch a band that’s in town, Detroit’s Majestic Theater (4120 Woodward Ave., Detroit MI) always satisfies. With multiple stages for artists, a bowling alley, a bar, cafe, and pizzeria, the Majestic has a wide variety of entertainment options. Come for the music, stay for the pizza.

Spread out on Woodward, the Majestic has more options than may appear at first glance. To the left is the theatre itself, an ornate room with a large stage for bigger acts, including, most recently, James Blake. Next door is the Majestic Café, a casual but classy restaurant that uses local ingredients and features events like trivia nights and DJ parties.

Next door from the café is the Garden Bowl, a louder environment that occasionally hosts free shows right among the tables and chairs. There’s a bar nearby in case you want a beer–or a round of shots, whatever floats your boat–to go with your pizza from Sgt. Pepperoni’s.

If you head toward the back, you’ll find the bowling alley featuring lanes that glow an array of neon colors. The alley has the claim to fame of being the oldest active bowling alley in the U.S. Bowling can be arranged via reservation or walk-in depending on lane availability. If you venture upstairs, you’ll find the Magic Stick, a play on words that refers to a stage that holds slightly smaller acts like Peter, Bjorn, and John and Beach Fossils. Inside the Magic Stick, there’s a bar, and outside on the roof, well there’s another bar, along with some heat lamps for the colder months.

The Majestic can be hard to keep up with, so it’s best to just check the website’s calendar at If you’ve only been there for a show or two, you’re missing out–stay for awhile!