Buffalo Hosts Cannibal: The Musical

on March 22, 2013

Cannibal: The Musical - Buffalo

Hungry for some theatre?

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are best known for being the co-creators of South Park and most recently, their smash stage production, The Book of Mormon.

Their work is best known for being off-color in addition to off the beaten path and Parker’s latest work is even more evidence to this point.

Cannibal: The Musical is a film that Parker directed on a small budget in 1993 about convicted cannibal Alfred Packer and his foray into a Colorado forest. Drew MCabe, co-founder of Theatre Jugend, opened has now opened his own stage adaptation of the play, which is currently playing on the Buffalo East stage (1410 Main St., Buffalo NY).

The storyline is pretty simple as Alfred Packer (played by Jacob Albarella) awaits the verdict of his trial on charges of cannibalism. Ironically, Packer then encounters a group of gold-seeking Mormons who ask him to lead them on a fortune-seeking mission. On their travels, they meet a group of trappers and attempt to break bed with a tribe of Japanese Indians.

The best word to describe the musical is, as its title suggests absurd. At the same time, its comedic elements certainly lend itself to being a great Weekendtrip idea.

The show runs until March 30 and tickets are affordable priced between $10 and $15. For more info, including showtimes, check out CannibalTheMusical.net