California Science Center Boasts Stunning Hands-On Museum

on September 16, 2013


The California Science Center (700 Exposition Park Dr, 90037) is a hands-on science museum in Los Angeles.

Last year it became home to the retired Space shuttle Endeavour and it’s worth a visit to get a close up view of this incredible spacecraft.

The exhibit details Endeavor’s many connections to California and you’ll learn how you use a toilet in space!

The Center also currently features an interesting photography and video exhibit about the incredible journey that Endeavour took to its new retirement home.

Also on the same floor you can see a space suit from Apollo 16 mission, Dr. Buzz Aldrin’s moon rock, the capsule from the Mercury program which launched a chimpanzee called Ham into space in 1961 which paved the way for human astronauts and the capsule from Gemini 11 the second human spaceflight into space in 1966.

Afterwards take a walk outside into the historic Exposition Rose Garden with 200 varieties of roses. You may recognize it as the grounds of the fictional Jeffersonian Center from the TV show Bones.

This is a great place to stop and have a picnic or coffee after a few hours in the California Science Center.

The Center is free but you will need to purchase timed tickets for the Endeavor in advance online, which are free, but a $2 service fee applies. Tickets need to be printed.

Alternatively, if you don’t have access to a printer you can phone or buy at the box office and a $2 service fee will apply. Details on website.