(Must-Watch) Noises Off Lights Up Kavinoky Theatre

on February 12, 2013

noises off play in buffalo

Trumpeted as, “The most dexterously realized comedy ever about putting on a comedy” by the New York Times, Noises Off, makes its highly-anticipated 20-year comeback; roaring straight into The Kavinoky Theatre (320 Porter Ave Buffalo, NY 14201).

Noises Off was originally masterminded by famous English playwright Michael J. Frayn in the 1970s while watching Chinamen from behind the scenes — a play which he created for Lynn Redgrave.

Frayn thought Chinamen would’ve been funnier if the audience saw the play backwards and from behind the scenes ā€” a few years later Noises Off was born.

Today, its contemporary rendition features Kavinoky’s Artistic Director David Lamb with all-star Buffalo cast: Josie DiVincenzo, Lisa Ludwig, Peter Palmisano, Christian Brandjes, John Fredo, Michele Marie Roberts, Guy Balotine, Kevin Craig and Jessica Ferraday.

All tickets are available at the Kavinoky Theatre.