Buffalo Museum Of Science Is Both Entertaining & Educational For The Kids

on October 11, 2013

Buffalo Museum Of Science

Keeping the kids entertained can always be a difficult task for any parent. Coming up with ideas to ensure the kids are occupied, having fun and still learning something

The Buffalo Museum of Science (1020 Humboldt Pkwy, Buffalo NY) offers educational and exciting experiences that the whole family can enjoy.

The Museum offers a special National Geographic 3D cinema well as well as 700,000 artifacts and specimen on display. There is also an interactive science studio available for both kids and adults alike to explore.

Some of the particularly appealing options at the Museum including allowing visitors to record their own weather forecasts as well as feeling what a wind storm feels like by stepping into a wind chamber.

The ‘Our Marvelous Earth’ studio explores health and the human body.

This year, the BMS brought BODY WORLDS to its patrons, as part of the exhibit’s 2013 world tour. Over 30 million visitors have experienced the anatomical exhibitions of the Body Worlds saga.

For more information about the Buffalo Museum of Science, check out ScienceBuff.org