Buffalo Mainstay Mazurek’s Bakery Gets Ready To Roll Out New Location

on November 18, 2013


A favorite amongst Buffalo locals, one of Buffalo’s primary staples is a place that many visitors to the city might not have heard about.

Mazurek’s Bakery (543 South Park Ave., Buffalo NY) is the last of the original Polish bakeries still standing in Buffalo’s First Ward area. Known primarily for its crispy New York rye bread, the bakery offers a wide variety of other breads, pastries, cookies, cakes and desserts that are baked fresh daily in the bakey’s brick oven.

Mazurek’s recently celebrated its 80th anniversary, with new owners Ty Reynolds and Nick Smith offering up free cake and prizes. While they are the newest bosses in the location, they have done their best to keep the look of the place unchanged, and only added to the bakery’s interior. Some of their new additions include Buffalo-centric posters inside, along with a specials table and making coffee available to complement the sweet treats inside.

The delicious aroma wafting through the bakery is perhaps its best known signature, and while it normally couldn’t be found anywhere else… now it can be as Mazurek’s is adding a second location in downtown Buffalo this month.

For more information about Mazurek’s, check out MazureksBakery.com

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    The bakery isn’t moving we are adding a second location downtown