Brew Tour U.P. Fall Beer Festival

on September 19, 2013


As a retired Northern Michigan Wildcat, what’s a better excuse to get the ole’ gang back together than beer? Not just any old shwag beer either, Michigan Craft beer, our bread and butter of the glory days.

Mini kegs of Oberon at McCarty’s cove, six pack’s of KBC Widow Maker on top of Sugarloaf, and endless nights slurring on the patio at Blackrocks Brewery, slamming beers to Pink Floyd at last call.

Time flies though, and before any of us knew it, we all “grew up.” Some of us stayed and of us some left, but we all have a little spot in our heart that lies deep in Lake Superior.

I planned a camping trip so everyone could meet up, make some smores, and look at the stars before our homecoming. Next time you are in the U.P., make it a point to visit Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Jaw dropping landscapes, wondrous outlooks, and Chapel Rock are God’s wonders.

This tree is literally growing through this rock that is 500,000 million years old. After some reckless nights camped out, blacked out and a few dips in mother Superior, I was all set for a fun-filled day of drinking.

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