Breaking Bad RV Tours Toronto In Can’t-Miss Weekend Experience

on December 3, 2013


If you are still mourning the loss of Breaking Bad and live in Toronto, we have the perfect weekend idea to help you get over your addiction.

You can check out the Breaking Bad RV!

Well, almost

A lookalike recreational vehicle is meant to recreate the site of the show’s main characters and meth cooks, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) and Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is in and around Toronto this week as a means to promote the show’s latest DVD and Blu-Ray releases.

The brainchild of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Canada, the RV allows fans and surprised pedestrians alike to try on hazmat suits (along with the prerequisite gas masks as well) and step inside the vehicle for a photo opp unlike any other.

If you are wondering where the Breaking Bad RV will be so that you can check it out for yourself, that’s part of the fun. Ironically mirroring the show’s plotline, the RV stops in mystery locations each day and the only way to find out where it will be, is to follow its route through the RV’s social media channels.

On Twitter, you can check out @BreakingBadRV and on Facebook, you can visit

The final season of Breaking Bad is now available. The 16-disc Blu-Ray box set is also packaged in a nifty barrel.

The RV is only in Toronto until Sunday, so make sure you hop aboard before it rolls out of T.O. forever.

Weekendtrips editor Murtz Jaffer visited the vehicle today to get a first hand look at what all of the hype is about.

Here’s a photo gallery!