Top Three Coffee Shops & Study Nooks For Nerdy Bostonians

on May 15, 2013

Thinking Cup

The requirements for an amazing coffee shop are few but excruciatingly crucial: comfortable seating, outlets present and amazing coffee. If you are in the Boston area and are finding yourself craving that perfect coffee shop ambiance, you’ll be delighted to know that Boston is a treasure trove of amazing nooks. Whether it be reading the newspaper in an effort withdraw from the stresses of academic life while vacationing, or perhaps even furiously typing to meet a deadline (an experience I may currently identify with), these award winning coffee spots are legendary on the Boston student scene – Not to be missed!


Thinking Cup:

165 Tremont Street, Boston, 617.482.5555

If you crave the ambiance of a bustling coffee shop married with the relative calm of a quiet library- look no further than Thinking Cup. Serving “Stumptown Coffee,” named the Best Coffee in the World by the New York Times, Thinking Cup has been an award show darling. Winning the “Best of Boston: 2011,” it went on to score “Krups: Best Brew 2012,” an honor the true coffee enthusiast can appreciate. Thinking Cup offers a delicious selection of pasties, organic teas and truly some of the best coffee in the world, but what truly sets it apart- the knowledgeable and friendly baristas who are excited and eager to share their knowledge and genuinely want to “talk coffee” to patrons in search of the perfect brew.


Voltage Coffee and Art:

295 3rd Street, Cambridge, 617.714.3974

If you like your coffee shops vibrant, brimming with local culture and loaded with gorgeous art, Voltage Coffee and Art is an absolute Must-See. Self-named the “unofficial living room of Kendall Square” suits this establishment, the seating is plentiful and the caffeine is to die for. Just recently, Voltage was home to a Basketball art show with proceeds going to The One Fund organization to support the victims of the Boston.


Flour Bakery + Cafe:

1595 Washington Street, Boston, 617.267.4300

If you really love a baked good- Look no further. Complete with an active baking blog and loyal followers, Flour Bakery + Cafe has three locations and is a local favourite among Boston foodies. The passionate entrepreneur Joanne Chang made national headlines eventually triumphing over chef Bobby Flay proving to America that her sticky bread recipe is truly one of a kind.