AIRBNB Weekend Planner Lets You Rent Impressive Pads In Quiet Vermont

on June 6, 2013


In just a bit over two hours by car from Montreal, you can find yourself curled up in front of a fireplace. That fireplace is in a wood cabin surrounded by sweet sugar maple trees — and those sugar maple trees are among the splendor of Vermont, arguably the quietest of all the states in America.

Treat you and your significant other to a peaceful Weekend Trip with barely a soul in sight. It brings new meaning to the romantic idiom “only have eyes for her/him.” Just take a look at Burlington, Vermont. It’s the biggest city in the state, and it only has 42,000 people. That makes it the smallest major city in the entire country.

Accommodations can make or break a romantic trip. So let’s make sure we get it right. While some would argue that hotels and bed and breakfasts are the way to go, I say don’t put your experience into somebody else’s hands. Through websites like Airbndb, you can rent yourself a luxury pad for the weekend, at a phenomenally great rate, and not have to deal with snooty managers, annoying neighbours, or people pushing you into spending more money than you want to.

Vermont has an excellent selection of beautiful cabins and homes, many perched high up on scenic hills with an amazing sense of seclusion and romance. Click here to check out some Vermont accommodation options.

At one of these spots, you can cook your partner a heartwarming breakfast without the typical “Room Service!” bellow and knock on the door that can so often be poorly timed.

Why am I not telling you what to do in Vermont? Well frankly, that’s up to you. That’s part of what makes the state so great. There isn’t the pull of tourist traps or anything like that. This place is merely a blank canvas for you to paint however you see fit. It’s a place you go to get away from the bustle and get back in touch with nature. It’s about walks, candlelight, board games, romcoms, wine, chocolate and makeout sessions on bear skin rugs.

Bring your bikes, bring your dog, bring your baby, bring what you bring. This trip isn’t about itineraries, it’s about a getaway where you can read that book that’s been burning a hole in your nightstand, or it’s about catching up on those films that you heard won all those awards. It’s about reconnecting with your partner, looking them deep in the eyes, and getting back to simple. Simple is good. And sometimes it can be hard to find in big cities like Montreal. So give Vermont a chance, and take a load off. Your itinerary will always be waiting for you when you get back.

Airbnb Tips

Reviews, reviews, reviews. Scour them. Yes, they will be contradictory, but you want to have the best and latest info available. High ratings, of course, are great, but also take note of how long people have been operating on Airbnb. Just because they’re new, doesn’t mean you can’t book, but you really need to contact the owner and flesh out all the details. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Pay extra attention to find places that allow you to rent them without the host present. You’ll pay extra for that luxury, but it’s worth it. Ask, ask, ask, and don’t leave elements to chance!

Have fun!