The 5 Best Bars In Boston

on July 23, 2013

Bukowski Beers - Boston

Boston is known for many things. Tom Brady, the Red Sox, and of course, perhaps it’s most popular beverage…Beer.

Choosing Boston’s best bar is like me picking my favorite television show. Nearly impossible. With that being said, here are some of my top choices if you find yourself thirsty in Beantown.

5. Bukowski Tavern (50 Dalton St., Boston MA) – With a couple of locations in Cambridge’s Inman Square and Back Bay, Bukowski’s is always a contender for Boston’s best bar. It’s loud, crowded, and small so if you’re looking for a spot to break-up with your girlfriend, this might be the place as she won’t really hear what you are saying. You can even have the bartenders spin you a drink of choice.

4. The Publick House (1648 Beacon St., Boston MA)– No longer a big secret in Massachusetts, the Publick House specializes in top-shelf beer (and we all know there is such a thing). The real reason Publick House makes the cut is because of the emphasis on quality. Drinks are served in the right glasses and the bartenders are almost like beer-somaliers.

3. City Bar (61 Exeter St., Boston MA) – Located inside the Lenox Hotel, the low-lit City Bar is quite different from the other choices on our list. It’s actually the perfect date venue and you’ll have your choice of soft leather couches to perch upon. The glamorous signature drinks are to die for and we particularly recommend the Cool Hand Cuke (not to be confused with Cool Hand Luke), that is a relaxing refresher that combines lime vodka with cucumber, blackberries and lemon in a champagne glass. Awesome.

2. Sunset Grill & Tap (130 Brighton Ave., Boston MA) – 112 taps and 380 different bottles. Need I say more? Sunset is easy to get to (Brighton and Harvard) and the only issue is deciding what you will want to try.

1. Alibi (215 Charles St., Boston MA) – You’ll need an alibi for why you aren’t at this chill bar in the Liberty Hotel. Our top choice in Boston, the hotel was originally the Charles Street Jail and the bar has kept the prison motif. If you look around, there are prison bars waiting to be discovered and the owners have kept the outlines of where the cells used to be. It’s all quite tasteful and making conversation is only a cheers away.