Top 4 Irish Pubs In Chicago

on June 10, 2013

Irish Pub -Interior
Chicago has gained widespread notoriety for delivering one of the most authentic Irish Pub experiences away from Ireland. If you’re a Weekendtripper in Chicago looking for a quick pint, or a local who just loves booze and Irish culture, check out any one of our top five Irish Pubs in the city. Cheers!

Chief O’Neill’s Pub & Restaurant

chief oneils
How can you go wrong with a bar that uses the tagline, “This is the pub you’ve been practicing for.” Chief O’Neill’s pub was voted in the top ten Irish Pubs in the world by Ireland of the Welcome readers. Indeed prices have skyrocketed; but, their bartenders are courteous enough to offer new drink specials everyday. Oh, and like their beer garden, their selection for brunch is massive.


Pronounced f’doe, an Irish expression meaning “long ago” and a term widely used to preface old Irish stories told by storytellers, Fado is famous in Chicago for being a second home to soccer, rugby, and college football fans. The food and drinks are amazing — just like the conversation — and the interior is “cool and rustic.” Each floor has its own vibe and the top floor showcases live music every weekend.

Celtic Crossings

celtic crossing
Don’t be fooled by Celtic Crossings’ archaic website. They own bragging rights to being voted as one of the most authentic Irish Pubs in Chicago by USA Today. Everybody gets greeted with an authentic Irish accent — exactly how it should be at any Irish Pub. The bartenders are well-versed and boast the best two-pour in town. One downfall: Celtic Crossings isn’t known for the big screen TV experience; their visitors come down for the rich pub culture, fresh beer, friendly conversation, and live music.

The Grafton

the grafton pub and grill
Celebrated as having some of the best tasting Guinness in the city, The Grafton is one of the busiest Irish Pubs in Chicago. Along with their amazing staff and friendly atmosphere, The Grafton Burger was voted as the tastiest burger in the city. And to put a cherry on top, their bartenders wear Brague shoes, just like the movies!

  • Jeff Goodby

    Just wondering if the author has actually visited these bars. O’Hagans has been closed for more than six months.