Best Burger In Ottawa? The Hintonburger Is A Local Favourite & Must-Try This Weekend

on September 23, 2013

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Sounds like you forgot to feed the animal deep inside your belly fellow Weekendtripper, and now it’s starving and begging for you to feed it something extra-ordinarily delicious…What do you plan to do?

Don’t fret.

Weekendtrips has got you covered, introducing The Hintonburger (1096 Wellington Street West), a burger spot in capital city famous for cooking up fresh and hormone free local burgers.

In 2011, The Hintonburger was voted as the best burger spot in Ottawa and has been known to rise above its own city hype. If you get lost along the way, remember that The Hintonburger is nestled between Melrose and Sherbrooke and captures a portrait like that of a white malt shop diner.

If you’ve never been, Weekendtrips highlights our top three items on The Hintonburger menu below:

Smoky Bacon Cheeseburger
Famous for its great crust on the patty, the Smoky Bacon Cheeseburger is our number one choice by default. Before you try anything on the menu, you absolutely have to try The Hintonburger’s trademark burger;

The Hintonburger
Highly praised in many hospitality communities and also in the Ottawa region, The Hintonburger is a scrumptious 6 oz. bacon cheeseburger topped with signature BBQ sauce, served with fresh cut fries, and drink;

A trip to The Hintonburger just isn’t the same without trying any one of their trademark milkshakes. The Hintonburger milkshakes make a great option for dessert; featuring flavours such as: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or banana.

Who Has The Best Burger In Ottawa?
And there you have it fellow Weekendtripper, The Hintonburger, one of our favourite go-to burger spots in Ottawa. If you’ve tried The Hintonburger or have any personal recommendations on how other Weekendtrippers can find the best burger in Ottawa, feel free to leave a few comments below. Until next post!