Best Android Travel Apps For The Washington Commuter

on July 15, 2013

washington dc travel app
If you’re one of the 500+ million Android users in the world, traveling and commuting in and out of Washington D.C.; stressed out beyond belief while on your way to point B — I can assure you this article will help calm — you — down. With Washington averaging 16-million visitors each year and growing, new apps have emerged to help ease day-to-day commutes. Weekendtrips highlights our favorite five travel apps for Washington commuters; built to help you discover the best of Washington as easy as possible. Ready?

Washington D.C. City Guide

Metro Weekend Trips DC Guide
Android users love this Washington City Guide app for its offline functionality. It renders all of its rich Washington information — restaurants, attractions, tour guides and more — after initial installation; preventing unwanted roaming charges. If you’re looking for a hotel, it conveniently hosts the same hotels listed on the popular TripAdvisor app; saving you clicks and time. You’ll also love its intuitive travel recommendations; like, where you should eat, shop, and more.

D.C. Rider Washington

dc rider application
Did you know? Washington D.C. is ranked second only to New York in the US for having the highest percentage of public transit commuters? The D.C. Rider app helps users maximize daily commute by pinpointing the closest subway or bus station entrances/exits nearest you. The D.C. Rider was ranked in the top five travel apps by Fox News — but don’t hold that against us.

Museums In Washington D.C.

washington museum app
This Washington travel app helps museum lovers discover all of Washington’s noteworthy museums. From the Smithsonian to the Air & Space Museum, The Museums In Washington app has a list of museums as rich if not better than the Yellow Pages. The New York Times also put the Museums In Washington app in the top 500 apps for 2012.

D.C. Metro Transit

DC Metro Transit
As they say, variety is the spice of life. This D.C. Metro Transit travel app offers real-time DC Metrorail, Metro Bus, Circulator, PG County-The Bus, Fairfax CUE, and UMD Shuttle schedule times. You also get to use its convenient train trip planner, find the nearest stations, receive metro disruption news, sort your favorite Metro Stations, bus schedules and more.

D.C. Metro Arrival Times

DC Metro Arrival Times
If you’re a Washington commuter who loves simple things and simple functionality, the D.C. Metro Arrival Times app shades all the boxes. You’ll get to search and find subway and bus stations with ease; finding accurate times and schedules with a simple hit of the menu button, easy as 1, 2, 3.