Ann Arbor Michigan Summer Festival To Host Performers From All Over The World

on June 14, 2013

Django Django

Ann Arbor Michigan, home to the University of Michigan, can get a bit sleepy in the summer when students go off to slave away at unpaid internships or travel to fill-in-the-blank foreign country for study abroad. But the city’s about to get a lot livelier—and parking spots are about to all but disappear—as tomorrow marks the start of the Ann Arbor Summer Festival.

The festival has been around for almost three decades now and will host a variety of arts and entertainment events and exhibitions. Indoor events, which are held at the Power Center, will feature performers from Mali to Montreal. Tuesday July 2, Malian duo Amadou and Miriam will play a show that blends a variety of musical styles and influences. Montreal-based acrobatic artists Les 7 doigts de la main will dazzle audiences Saturday June 22. Other acts to catch include Edinburgh “folktronica” band Django Django, political satirists the Capitol Steps (on the 4th of July, of course), and “One Radio Host, Two Dancers”—a show that tells a story by combining radio personality Ira Glass with dancers Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass.

Outdoor performances will include local artists like Ann Arbor’s DJ Hardy and 12-year-old A² native and ukuleleist Magdalen Fossum. There are a million other artists playing, but in addition to music performances, there are also outdoor events like movie screenings, a U-M Psychology Department KidZone Tent, yoga and workout classes, and beer and wine tasting. While prices are moderate for the Power Center performances, most of the outdoor activities are free (minus anything involving alcohol). Other events include music workshops for kids, reading and spinning sessions, and a photo exhibit by artist Myra Klarman.

The Ann Arbor Summer Festival will run June 14 to July 7. For more information and endless clickable pictures, visit the official site.