All-In-One Guide To Art Galleries In Ottawa

on July 29, 2013

National Gallery

There are plenty of things to see for budding artists in Ottawa.

The city is home to some of the best contemporary art galleries in North America and if you are looking to see a particular kind of work, the chances one of the following places will have it.

Ottawa Art Gallery

This independent gallery concentrates on the work of local artists and prides itself on the type of art that it houses. Special nights feature conversations with some of the artists.

National Gallery Of Canada

Undoubtedly Ottawa’s most famous gallery, this beautiful space features work from all over the world, as well as that created just by Canadians. Whether collection celebrates the past, present or future, attendees will love seeing the vastness of the collection.

Wall Space Gallery

This twist with this venue is that it incorporates its framing business with the work that it has on display. The paintings featured here have a predominantly Canadian artistry.

Gallery 101

Those interested in supporting a non-profit gallery, will definitely find what they are looking for in Gallery 101. It features a cross-wide section of work and material is accepted from contemporary artists all over the world as well.

Cube Gallery

Completely unique, Cube Gallery highlights a new group show every month. Visitors will see a different showcase every 30 days and these are complemented by workshops so that guests can interact with what they are seeing.