All-Bug Insectarium Philadelphia Museum Offers Creepy Amusement

on June 10, 2013


One of the country’s largest bug museums is the Insectarium (8046 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia PA) where thousands of live and mounted insects, interactive displays, and a movie room are among the features offered at the Philadelphia Museum.

Since 1992, the Insectarium has been visited by hundreds of thousands of kids. The museum features three floors of entertainment, with a particular highlight being the man-made spider web.

Scientists estimate that for every one person currently on earth, there are at least 200 million insects crawling around. The Insectarium is the only museum in America solely devoted to the curation, study and display of these creatures.

There is a video preview of what to expect when visiting The Insectarium.

For more information about Philadelphia’s Insectarium and for admission prices, please visit My Insectarium.