A Must-Try NYC Restaurant: Peanut Butter & Co.

on September 2, 2013

Do you like peanut butter? I mean really really like it?

While New York City is known for having some of the best restaurant options in the world, often it’s the ones that you rarely hear about that have the best food.

Peanut Butter & Co. (240 Sullivan St., New York City NY) is a must-try NYC restaurant in the West Village that serves many different kinds of one of the most common food choices around—the peanut butter sandwich. In addition to the normal PB & J, there is also the “Marshmallow Fluff,” but if you like to experiment, there’s the “Elvis” which features bananas and honey, the “Peanut Butter BLT” (yum… I guess?) and even an option that includes grilled chicken.

It’s a small joint that can only seat a maximum of 12 people at a time, so “to go” might be the best call.

Almost as if it is a museum of peanut butter (which it actually kind of is), you can buy butter to bring home in a variety of flavors including “Mighty Maple” and “The Heat Is On.”

Check out a video about the place here:

For more information, check out ilovepeanutbutter.com