on January 1, 2013

Dear Friends,

The start of the New Year marks a new beginning and that is certainly the case at

After touching base with you last month, I am excited to announce that is officially back and I’d like to take a moment to not only discuss how we are changing the face of weekend travel, but also to introduce you to a new face on my team.

I first met Murtz Jaffer a few months ago when I was looking for a dynamic personality to represent the voice of the site. Someone who was funny, excitable, endearing and quirky but also someone who has the ability to deliver an exceptional experience to

Murtz has established himself as one of the top multi-platform journalists in the country effectively fusing his experience in the newspaper, online, magazine, radio and television mediums. After stints at Entertainment Tonight Canada,, Virgin Radio and TORO Magazine, Jaffer joins hot on the heels of his three-season stint as the host and co-creator of his own show, Reality Obsessed on TVTropolis. In addition to his multimedia experience, Murtz has racked up more air miles than almost anyone I know. No one is better suited to tell you about things that are happening on the weekend and to offer suggestions for how to maximize your time away from work. If you need a guide to your weekend, Murtz is your compass and I am pleased to announce him as the editor of

Really, is here for you.

You have worked all week—you don’t need to wrack your brain thinking about “things to do.” You want to sightsee, shop, play, dance or eat? Let’s do it. Ideas are free and is chock full of them. We want to eliminate any stress you have when somebody asks you what you are doing this weekend.

So get ready because the weekend is almost here and we have plenty of ideas for how you can spend it.

From our family to yours, have a very happy, prosperous and safe New Year. Make every weekend count in 2013.


Marawan El-Asfahani
Founder/CEO, Inc.

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