5 Best Bike Shops In Boston

on September 3, 2013

If you’re looking for some new wheels and aren’t ready to make the upgrade to a Harley, there are some pretty great bike shops in Boston and here are our top five picks.

Ace Wheelworks


Ace Wheelworks: Ace Wheelworks features 12,000 square feet of display room and has three different Boston-area locations. The staff particularly gets high-praise for their knowledge and attention to detail. In addition, one of the best reasons to choose Ace Wheelworks is the fact that they use some of their profits to help a variety of charity and events and rides. (145 Elm St., Boston MA)



AtaCycle: If you prefer to cycle professionally, AtaCycle is the right choice for you. While they also serve regular customers, their specialty is racing bikes. When you go in and explain your desire for some new wheels, you will be matched to your ride using a three-step process in an on-site lab that fits the frame of your bike to your specific body-type. (1773 Massachusetts Ave., Boston MA)



Bikes Not Bombs: Serving almost as a TOMS for bikes, Bikes Not Bombs ships bicycles to developing countries to be used as small businesses overseas to launch sustainable technology projects and develop programs for kids. Bikes Not Bombs also provides cycles to residents of lower-income families in Boston. If you want to support a great cause, BNB is certainly where you should pick up your next two-wheeler. (18 Bartlett Square, Boston MA)

Broadway Bikes


Broadway Bicycle Shop: This co-op bike shop hosts weekly classes on bike repair, in addition to the cycles that it sells. Tools are available for rent and you can be taught by a seasoned repairman. This shop warrants consideration if you’d like to take your riding to the next level. (351 Broadway, Boston MA)

International Bike Center


International Bicycle Center: Perhaps the busiest bike shop in the city, most Boston residents know about the International Bicycle Center. There is also a special project to design your own dream bike using their Project One system and then have it custom-built for you. (89 Brighton Ave., Boston MA)