3 Traveling Tips That Help The Environment

on January 31, 2013

Even if you aren’t an environmentalist, it doesn’t take much to be environmentally-conscious when traveling. Some of the easiest ways to travel sustainably don’t cost anything more than just paying attention and here are 3 quick ideas to employ before you check-in for your next flight.

Travel Green

1. Unplug your household appliances before leaving the house. I mean how easy is that? While you are checking out the beaches in Miami, or taking your girlfriend to a museum… all the electronic devices and appliances you left on at home are taking away unnecessary power. This includes television sets, DVD players, stereo’s, phone rechargers.

2, Reuse hotel towels and bedding. Even I will admit that one of the best things about spending a couple of nights in a hotel is the fresh towels that greet you every morning. What you might not know is that it takes an incredible 6-8 gallons of watch each set. Just hang em up when you’re done and use ‘em again. Doesn’t take too much effort and it’s what you do at home anyway.

3. Eat foods that are local to the area that you are in. When in Rome, eat as the Romans do. If you’re in London and craving some McDonald’s, it may not seem bad for the environment but it actually is. Shipping ingredients across continents causes carbon dioxide pollution. In addition, when you are travelling, you should totally want to try the food of the place that you’re in and support smaller restaurants. Plus, the grub probably tastes better.