3 Great Places To Eat In Montreal

on September 12, 2013

La Fabrique

If you’re a foodie and live in Montreal, you are pretty much living your dream everyday.

The province has some of the most delectable cuisine in the world and Montreal’s Saint Denis street has some tasty options.

Here are quick three recommendations:

1. La Fabrique: (3609 St-Denis Street, Montreal QC) – The open kitchen concept is one that is becoming increasingly popular at places that aren’t just known for their Korean BBQ. La Fabrique’s kitchen takes up the middle of the restaurant and the bistro serves up great eats all the time.

2. Au cinquieme peche: (4475 St-Denis Street, Montreal QC) – While this place might be a mouthful to say (pun intended) for the non-francophone, you don’t really need to say much as your mouth will be filled with delicious French food using seasonal ingredients. Owned by France’s Lengiet brothers, the restaurant is primarily known for its seal dishes.

3. L’Artisan Piadineria: (3421 St-Denis Street, Montreal QC) – Some Montrealers might argue that I have saved the best for last and that might certainly be the case. The scrumptions flatbread sandwiches served at this little spot are to die for. The best part is actually getting to see your sandwich being made and if you’re just expecting the “toasted or non-toasted” option that you get at Subway every day, you’re in for a treat. Not only can you watch your dough being rolled, but you can also see the flatbread that is used cooked in front of you. The selection of ingredients is incredible. I am getting hungry just thinking about it!