The Couples Resort Offers Priceless Peace & Tantalizing Tranquility

on January 17, 2012

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If you’re in a relationship and looking for one of the best adventures Ontario has available, the Couples Resort (139 Galeairy Lake Rd., Algonquin Park, ON) might be just the answer that you are looking for.

Located on the shores of the gorgeous Galeairy Lake and the Madawaska River (oh and did I mention that your backyard is Algonquin Park), the resort promises to rekindle the passion of your relationship with also allowing you to become at one (or two since it’s designed to be experienced together) with nature.

The best part is that you are not restricted by season as you can experience a weekend there at anytime during the year. There are 10 saunas, 27 walk-in steam rooms, 21 walk-in euro showers, 23 outdoor hot tubs and 48 in-room Jacuzzi tubs, each in front of their own fire place.

The Couples Resort is designed for new couples, honeymooners and retirees alike. If you are looking to do more than just take it easy, there are an infinite number of activities as well. If you book during the winter months, you can take advantage of an exclusive ice-fishing excursion on the border of Algonquin Park with Frank Van Ball (nephew of famous Algonquin guide Frankie Kuiack). Dog sledding is also available as well as cross country skis, snow shoes and skates all being provided free of charge. As soon as Galeairy Lake freezes over, a well lit rink is placed over it. You can even snow mobile as long as you bring your own ride.

There are even more options available in the spring, summer, and autumn seasons.

Tennis & Badinton
– 2 asphalt regulation-size tennis courts with all the racquets and balls provided
– 1 asphalt regulation-size badminton court with all the racquets and birdies provided
– $20 / hour / court
– Closed during winter

– 10 Norco 21-speed full-suspension mountain bikes mountain bikes
– $20 / person / hour
– $35/ person / day
– Closed during winter

Sailboat Rental
– Must be prebooked, limited times and dates.
– $1000 deposit required
– 3 hours – $100.00
– Open July & August
– $1000 Authorized Deposit required
– Sailing with skipper available depending on availability

Kayaks & Canoes
– 8 solo lake touring kayaks
– 2 double touring kayaks
– 10 canoes
– $20/ hour / kayak
– $35 / day / kayak
– $20 / hour / canoe
– $35 / day / canoe

Motor Boats
-14 foot, 8 hp Motor boat rentals.
– Half day is to 1pm
– Half day starts at 2pm
– 1 hour / $30.00
– 1/2 day $50.00
– Full day $85.00
– Inquire at Sport Centre to go out super early next day (as early as sunrise)

Water Skiing, Wake Boarding & Tubing
– Must be prebooked limited times and dates, weather permitting.
– 1 Professional AWSA Record Capable slalom Ski Boat and Wake Boarding
– $200 per hour
– Available July and August
– Includes Tige Pro Multi-Sport Boat Rental with Driver
– The person being towed must supply the spotter for the boat, weather and availability permitting.

Paddle Boats & Row Boats
– Enjoy a free leisurely tour in a paddle boat or in one of our row boats along the shores of Galeairy Lake
– 2 Paddle Boats
– 2 Row Boats

– Resort scenic lookout trail starts next to our museum and continues for 2.7 km.
– Several trails within Algonquin Park

Horseback Riding
– The horse ranch, operating year round, is a short drive from the resort with bookings made at our front office
– 1 Hour $47.99 per person
– ½ day trip $120.00 per person
– Day trip with lunch $180.00 per person
Want to stay inside during your retreat? Plenty of options on that front as well. The spa treatments available at The Couples Resort are some of the finest. A “Divine” package is $150 and allows you to enjoy a glass of fine while having your hands and feet pampered with a mani/pedi.

The “Garden & Oriental Serenity” package is also $150 and gives you a guided tour from a Certified Horticulturist around the beautiful gardens of the resort. That is followed by a Shiatsu treatment to take your troubles away.

Want more than just a little luxury? The “Heaven” deal is priced at $345 and includes a scrub, body wrap, facial, relaxing body molding, a French manicure and French pedicure.

As far as pricing goes, a weekend stay can start as $575/weekend in a junior suite with breakfast and dinner included.

For more information, check out or call 1-866-202-1179.

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